The BRG team is a small but hardworking group of people who love to collaborate and work closely with you on projects. We want to make sure we really get to know the ambition of your project, so we can deliver exactly what you want. We’re also capable of working independently on solutions, should you need a fresh approach or direction for the learning experience.

You can get to know the leadership team a little better by checking out our profiles. We also have an excellent network of contractors and consultants that we engage for our projects.

Ben Roulston
CEO & Head of Client Relationships

From working with clients to nail project outcomes or on the frontline coaching employees, Ben’s all about getting the best out of people. He has extensive knowledge of both the Vocational Education and Learning and Development sectors – from a high-level strategy point of view right down to the nitty-gritty of content design. Ben can help you figure out exactly what your organisation needs – matching you to the ideal learning solution for growth and development. In his spare time, you’ll find Ben at the gym, indulging in dance-offs, obsessing over daschunds and unleashing his inner entrepreneur.

Want to know more about Ben’s professional background? Check out his LinkedIn profile here.

Leanne Roulston
Head of Education

With a background in professional writing and editing and having worked as a teacher in different schools, Leanne has been able to combine her two passions in one role. You’ll see her working with clients to deliver on their content design needs and exploring ways to make learning engaging. Leanne will help you customise your content so that it’s fit for anything from simple slides to eBooks to dynamic and student-centred e-learning. In her spare time, you’ll find Leanne reading novels, obsessing about grammar, moonlighting as a yoga teacher and dreaming about better ways to teach and learn.

Want to know more about Leanne’s professional background? Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

Tara Ridsdale
Head of Production

Tara’s background in project management, video production and course development means production at BRG is always about finding the solution that best fits. That might mean customised e-learning, podcasting or video, or breathing new life into your current learning management system. She will help you figure out exactly what you need to refresh, recharge and rebrand your team’s learning. In her spare time, you’ll find Tara making the world’s best caramel macadamia slice, hanging out with her dogs Jager and Ralphie and running around the local lake.

Want to know more about Tara’s professional background? Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

Michelle Brown
Head of Operations

Michelle’s role means things get done at the right time and in the right order. You’ll find her helping to set up projects, managing day-to-day operations and keeping the communication flowing. She has a background in a number of large organisations, start-ups and small businesses – so she truly understands how to work with all shapes and sizes. Michelle is all about making BRG the best business it can be – by helping our clients and the team solve problems and overcome any challenges. In her spare time, you’ll find Michelle spending time with her daughter, reflecting on motivational quotes and becoming a world champion deadlifter.

Want to know more about Michelle’s professional background? Check out her LinkedIn profile here.