eLearning eBook

Want to make eLearning that is both visually exciting and rich in content? Make your next course pop and hit all outcomes with this eBook – full of practical tips based on real world experience. Your eLearning will take that next step in no time…


20 | 60 | 20 Model for Team Performance

Want to enhance team performance using a simple, easy-to-remember model supported by practical tips you can use straight away? Our 20 | 60 | 20 model tells you how to get the most out of your team and boost productivity for optimal business results…


Team Engagement

Team engagement starts with the leader, doesn’t it? Leaders are more than just administrators and managers. They’re coaches and supporters – people who care about both the personal and professional welfare of their teams. Learn how to engage your team that bit more in this easy read…



Are you looking for contemporary and stylishly-designed infographics for your next team meeting? Or maybe you just want the latest business and work trends captured in something instant and easy to read? Our infographics will satisfy both criteria…

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Want to know what skills will help you nail the best jobs in 2020?
Hint: It’s skills that are flexible and cross-functional that you can start growing now – no matter what industry you’re in.

Check out this 20 min webinar discussing the ‘skills of the future’, according to the World Economic Forum.
Presented by Ben Roulston at BRG Learning and Development – dedicated to building better leaders ready for the future of work.