Our achievements

We’ve worked with diverse groups of clients from the retail sector through to educational institutions and start-ups with a focus on eLearning as a key driver of strategy. We have not only worked with our clients to build clever and robust learning solutions, we’ve also advised on strategic direction and student experience. Check out the following examples of our work to see what we’re talking about.

Interactive learning design and development 

The Plato Project is a new business school focusing on purpose-driven outcomes, entrepreneurship and mindful leadership. We’ve worked with this passionate start-up to write, design and develop interactive materials like the following, to support a blended learning solution.
Please note, these are only previews of Plato’s interactive experience:

The Plato Project ©ThePlatoProject 2016 – theplatoproject.com

Learoy builds contemporary eLearning for the VET sector and we were an integral part of this start-up – transforming what is usually a standard learning experience into something fresh and modern.

Learoy’s Learning Showcase ©Learoy 2015
Learoy Demo ©2015
Learoy’s Demo ©Learoy 2015


Workshop design and facilitation 

We’ve worked with The Good Guys and Bardot to design and facilitate engaging workshops for both leadership groups and employees to help boost productivity and performance. The following example demonstrates a creative, forward-thinking approach while the second example is more traditional in nature:

Trade Off Activity
Experiential activity based on the European Union run with groups of 20–200.
Trade off instructions


Student experience design 

We’ve worked with several education institutions on strategy and seamlessly integrating the end to end student experience. The following is a recent example:


Authoring customised learning materials

The following examples of custom-written learning materials, demonstrate our ability to write for diverse audiences and inspire engagement. We easily adjust style and tone to reflect client requirements and deliver on outcomes.

Simulated Business for Assessment Purposes ©Learoy 2015
Business Education eBook Examples ©Learoy 2015


Design and development upgrades 

We take existing learning materials and refresh them so that they are consistent with current trends and/or technological requirements. We review content, add or update graphic elements and sometimes incorporate video or interactive elements to improve the learner experience. Here’s a recent example: