How can we help you with Content Development?
We take your existing content, or the content design you’ve engaged us to do, and then make it look amazing! Videos, graphics, interactive components – whatever it needs to make sure the message hits home, we can get it there.

Target Audience
Organisations that want to rebrand their content with a fresh look and feel. Or organisations that have engaged us for content design and want to take things a bit further.

Why use us for Content Development?
We know quite a bit about what’s out there – the software and tools that make learning work. And we’ve tested learners to see what they want online and offline. We also know how to ‘get savvy’ to find the most cost-effective solution, so you can get the best bang for your buck!

The development process
1. Initial meeting to design outcomes for the project
2. Conduct project scope, content review and select best methods
3. Developing, testing and recording of all content
4. Review by all stakeholders. You, us, everyone involved!
5. Hand over to you to host on your LMS, and a final test

Some things to think about…
•  Statistically, retention of learning increases by 20% when video is used
•  Podcasts make learning easily accessible and are great on the go
•  We’ll happily link to experts to enrich learning further
•  We believe in the power of interactive, scenario-based learning
•  A mix of aspirational words and beautiful images inspires learning – we call this the Educational Experience (Words) + User Experience (Method) = Learning Experience or LX

Our process


*Cost based on standard practice… If outside of standard practice, cost will be based on scope of works.