Create superb eLearning with every shortcut imaginable…

  • Are you interested in creating an awesome online course from scratch?
  • Are you an L&D professional rolling out an eLearning project?
  • Are you an educator that’s ‘future-proofing’ and going online?

This superb eLearning course walks you through the eLearning process step by step. You’ll get to know everything you need to make your eLearning a success – from high-level strategy right down to the tips, tricks and workarounds that get you there faster.

We think an eLearning project can be looked at in four distinct phases, so we’ve traced this process in our course:

  • Ideation and briefing
  • Design
  • Development
  • Launch

You’ll come out of the course ideating and collaborating with stakeholders like the best of them. You’ll understand what students want and you’ll know how to manage the design and development process for best results (even when things get testy!). Finally, you’ll deploy your eLearning as part of a smooth, well-executed launch and get feedback on how it’s going. Basically, you’ll have everything you need to make your next eLearning project a success. 

So, it doesn’t matter if you’re lone ranger rolling out a course for the first time or working in the Learning and Development space with an eLearning team around you, this course (and all its shortcuts) will get you to your outcome faster.

Want to know what we mean when we say superb eLearning with shortcuts galore? Here’s our course explained…

BRG Learning and Development’s course, ‘Create superb eLearning with every shortcut imaginable’ is comprised of 115 curriculum items including: videos, tools, templates, external links and practical suggestions to support your learning experience, so that you have plenty of useful information to apply in the real world.

In this course, you’ll find lessons on topics like the following:

  • Building blocks of an eLearning strategy
  • Working with clients and creating quality briefs
  • eLearning trends and needs of modern learners
  • Models and tools for learner engagement
  • Copyright, intellectual property laws and ethics
  • Applying agile principles to project management
  • Applying action mapping and brainstorming in design
  • Engaging with graphic designers and tech teams
  • Options for outsourcing the development process
  • Tools for collections of graphics, fonts and music
  • Project planning for a smooth development cycle
  • Reviewing, testing and iterating developed eLearning
  • Soliciting feedback from target audience
  • Debriefing and recording ‘lessons learned’

Sound good? If you’re serious about eLearning, we want you on board! Take the plunge and join us (or at least take a closer look at what we’ve got to offer)…