Why a Diagnostic?
A diagnostic can help leaders and teams increase their self-awareness and social skills. Combining this data with self-refection and coaching makes for some robust conversations about current performance and future potential.

Target Audience
Help team members get to know themselves a little better by using strengths-finder, behaviour and personality diagnostics. 360-degree feedback analysis would suit leaders who want to assess the impact of their leadership style, and who might want to make positive changes.

The diagnostic process
1. Initial meeting to design outcomes for the project
2. Creation & administration of the diagnostic tool
3. Deployment of the diagnostic tool to participants
4. Receiving of results, review and preparation for coaching session
5. 1:1 coaching session with each participant
6. Two hour group-based debrief with team to discuss common themes

Tools we use
• 360 degree feedback
• Strengths-finder – strength mapping
• DISC – behaviour profiling
• Insights – personality profiling
• Myers Briggs – personality profiling